"Freedom of speech, the right to express and exchange ideas and information, is essential to any educational endeavor, to the attainment of advancement of knowledge, and to the development of character and values." -W.J.H.


My name is Dr. William (Bill) Holly and I have been an adjunct professor at Modesto Junior College for 20 years.

As your representative, I will guard and protect your financial, educational, and cultural interests.  Every penny YCCD spends comes from the labor of you the people.  I will deliver transparency and accountability.

I aim to reduce the size and overreach of a growing bureaucracy that is excluding faculty from decision-making processes where their expertise was formerly respected.  Faculty was not even consulted when, during a $9,000,000.00 remake of the MJC library, 50,000 (70%) of our library books were thrown into the trash.  Also, we have a world-class planetarium that is underutilized. 

Enormous new burdens are being placed on faculty, taking them away from teaching.  The District refuses to grant due process rights to part-time faculty and students. I aim to ensure that everyone at YCCD have basic human rights accorded to them, including the right to free speech, without worry about being politically correct.

I graduated from the University of Oregon (1966), got my Ph.D. at U.C. Irvine (1975). I Taught 7 years at CSUS, 20 years at Modesto Jr. College, and have worked in canneries and factories, and operated farm machinery.

I care deeply about education.  I ask for your vote.